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The Best Credit Card Casino Sites

Credit cards have enabled many amenities when buying products and services and thus have made life simpler, easier and more convenient. A lot of people choose them for the transaction while buying things because of these reasons. Credit cards are among the best methods of payment in the modern financial age. The more important thing credit cards are accepted by most casino sites. We’ll discuss here credit card casinos that are best in the market from the user standpoint.

How to use a credit card at casinos online

Using a credit card at a casino websites is akin to how you have used the credit to make other purchases. It’s simple, convenient, and easy making your payment fast. We will explain to you how to make your first deposit, that is, make the payment for the first time. We discuss the points here with respect to three credit card casinos, namely 888 Casino, BetVictor, and LeoVegas.
Visit the official website of the casino and long on to your casino account. Once you log on, go to the cashier and make the deposit. Choose the Credit/Debit Card option from the list. Enter the amount you wish to pay. Of course, you need to pay an amount that is within the minimum and maximum limits. Once you enter the amount, enter your credit card number, three-digit CVV/CVC and the expiry date from your card. Once you enter the data carefully, confirm the payment.
Once you finish this all, check your account balance. The account balance is the money you need to have in the account. You’re going to use the money for being wagered on casino games that you love most. Thus, if you commit the transactions through credit cards, it happens instantly. Thus, as soon as you make the deposit you can start playing – there is not a waste of time.

Limits on depot and withdrawals

Each of the licensed casinos has its own rules with respect to deposit and withdrawal limits. the minimum for both operations is generally fixed at around 5 pounds. This is convenient for new players and casual players.
However, when it comes to the case of using credit cards, there is a restriction on either deposits or withdrawals. This is good for the high rollers. High rollers are the plays who prefer to large bankrolls and play for thousands of pounds, Thus, credit cards are an ideal payment option regardless of what sort of player you are.

Using credit cards positive and negative aspects

As we mentioned in the preceding paragraphs, the benefits of credit card for making payments and withdrawals at an online casino are many. The foremost benefit of using a credit card for making the payment at online casinos is that it’s completely safe. This is because as you make the transaction online, your connection you are in is encrypted. There are diverse many security protocols that protect your sensitive data from being captured unauthorized third parties.
As online casinos accept online payment, you can play the game anywhere you wish – home, leisure room, or elsewhere.
It’s important to discuss the most important online casinos we referred to elsewhere in the article.

888 Casino

888 Casino comes in thee avatars: A web-based casino. You can access it directly in your Internet browser.
The second one is a download platform that you can install in your PC and the third one is a mobile casino. You can play on the mobile casino using your smartphone or tablet.

The interface is easy and simple to use. You will get a good amount of diversity in the selection of the games. You’ll get 104 real money games. This does not include live dealer ones. Most of these are slots.

The benefit of 888 Casino is that you are numerous unique games developed internally by the company – you cannot pay them at other sites. Visit the official website to learn more.


BetVictor is quite popular in the UK even though many people still stay associated with it as a sports betting entity. BetVictor offers a great number of games, and the quality of the software is extraordinary.

Be aware that even when the number is too big, the quality remains intact. The games load quickly and will not leave you to waste your time. Once you become familiar with the operator, pick only the best. software to use.
There is no need for downloading anything – you can just pay on a browser.
You get great variations of Classic Card and Table Games, unique welcome bonuses. As you keep on playing, you’ll get cashback system for your loyalty. Learn more at the official website.

LeoVegas Casino

LeoVegas Casino is among the newest players in the UK online casino market. LeoVegas Casino offers instant play mode. By this, you can play games directly in your favorite browser.
The casino and the games are incredibly fast and you will experience the speed when you play directly on your desktop computer.
LeoVegas Casino offers table games and video poker, bonuses, and VIP system. To learn more, visit the official website of the casino.
One of the most important benefit is the casino offers good customer service. They will answer all your queries and fix issues.

A brief about credit card issuing companies

Credit cards are issued by primarily two largest companies namely MasterCard and Visa. Be aware that these entities are not banks and do not issue cards to customers directly to the end users. They provide these cards to the financial institution in the form of branded payment product. There are certain underlying factors that make these companies highly successful.


Mastercard offers a foolproof system that ensures all transactions are secure, safe and fast. Modern technology is applied widely to bring in multiple checks on every step a transaction makes. The company owns the brand Maestro, the top debit card in the world. Founded in 1966, MasterCard became a public company in 2006. It’s listed in the New York Stock Exchange under code MA.


Visa offers money transfer services that are reliable, fast, and secure using their own processing network called VisaNet. Each of the transactions is subject numerous verifications – each transaction is checked with over 500 variables fraud detection parameters before clearing the transaction. Though the process involves such numerous checks, the process is fast. enough. The transaction happens in a few seconds. Based in Foster City, California the United States, Visa is a public company. You can find it named on the New York Stock Exchange under code V.

Final words

While choosing a credit card casino, it’s important to know its credibility. That is how reliable, safe, secure it is. Once you decide based on these factors, you need to consider the core of the game. These include the reputation of the casino, the bonuses, promotions, cash-out options, quality of the software, game diversity, overall impression online and customer support. Research well and move ahead.


Divination – Is it of use to us?

“I can read all about your future like an open book.” “I’ll answer all your questions.” “Entrust me with your problems, and I will solve them, no matter what they are.”

These claims were made by a fortune teller in a brochure in which she offered her services.

Many people take these claims seriously. All over the world the business of fortune tellers and psychics is flourishing. There are people who go to the fortuneteller every day or who ask her first for every major decision.

What is “fortune telling”? Do fortune tellers really know an answer to life’s questions, and can they really solve problems? Can fortune telling be useful to you?

Methods of fortune telling

According to the Brockhaus Encyclopedia, fortune telling is “the alleged uncovering of present or future connections, events, and life circumstances by means of clairvoyant or magical practices. . . Today, fortune-telling is colloquially the most primitive form of mantic practices such as palmistry and card-playing. In German-speaking superstition research, however, fortune telling is used as a generic term for all forms of the traditional arts of magical prediction.

So, fortune telling includes every form of magical prediction. Therefore, many names of these practices end in -mantie (from the Greek word manteia: “art of divination”). There are, for example, cartomancy (the art of cartomancy), chiromancy (the art of palmistry) and crystallomancy (the creation of clairvoyant abilities by fixing crystals, shiny objects or mirrors for a long time).

Many methods of divination are based on looking for omens or portents and interpreting them knows One such method is astrology. The sun, moon and stars are said to influence earthly processes and the lives of people. It is assumed that every constellation and every planet has a favourable or unfavourable influence. The astrologer prepares a “horoscope”, i.e. a drawing showing the position of the planets in relation to the other stars at the time of a person’s birth. The astrologer claims to be able to determine the character and fate of the person on the basis of this horoscope.

Chiromancy is the divination of the structure and lines of a person’s hand. There is a close connection between chiromancy and astrology. This is shown by the fact that the palm is divided into seven planetary regions and planetary mountains (the seven planets known to the ancient astrologers).

Then there are also fortune tellers who use cards, for example tarot cards, to lift the veil of the future. In this card game there are 22 “atouts” (trumps) and 56 cards designated by numbers. These cards are divided into four suits. Each suit has a fixed meaning, and each card has a special meaning. According to this fixed meaning, which can change when connected to another card while dealing, drawing or hanging up, information about the future is given.

Card reading is also related to astrology. The book How the Tarot Speaks to Modern Man explains that the fortune teller “bases her interpretation of the cards on the structure of the universe, especially the solar system as symbolized by the holy Kabbalah. The “Kabbalah” (Jewish secret doctrine) distinguishes three elements (fire, air and water), seven planets and twelve signs of the zodiac in the universe. This gives a total of 22 and corresponds to the 22 trump cards of the Tarot Game.

There are many other methods of fortune-telling based on omens, for example fortune-telling from coffee grounds (when the coffee is finished, the cup with the coffee grounds is slowly turned and reversed for a few minutes to allow forms to form; signs and figures are seen in the resulting structure and used to interpret the future) and with the help of dice or dominoes.



How to Use Visa with Online Casinos

Major credit and debit cards have long been a popular method of banking when it comes to online casino players, with Visa being perhaps the biggest operator in this area. The convenience and security of visa cards means that they handle a large proportion of deposits and withdrawals in the UK, with transactions being processed easily and quickly too.

Visa cards are accepted by almost all online casinos today, with players simply having to add their card information in order to make an opening deposit. Deposits made using this method are instant, allowing players to gain instant access to their money and the variety of games in which their bookmaker offers. Meanwhile, the UK Consumer Credit Act means that any payment over £100 is protected against scenarios such as casinos going bankrupt or losing your cash.

Visa cards are also used to process a large number of withdrawals, with casinos generally recommending that players use the same method when it comes to both depositing funds and withdrawing winnings. Those who deposit using visa and then look to withdraw using an e-wallet will often find that transactions take longer and they are required to give a greater amount of information.

A large number of banks in the UK now treat deposits with online casinos in the same way as they do with cash advances, meaning that they do not enjoy the same interest free period as regular purchases and sometimes come with an additional fee. As a result, it is recommended that players check with their bank before using Visa cards online. Meanwhile, some Visa cards will not be available to use with online casinos, however there are still a number of options available to those looking to play their favourite games. One of the most efficient methods is by using a prepaid Visa card, allowing players to load their card with funds, before using it as a regular credit or debit card.

Gambling Responsibly Using Visa Cards

Whilst using Visa cards in order to fund your casino account is convenient and secure, there are some potential risks that must be taken into consideration. Credit cards allow players to gamble using credit, meaning that there will be times when you do not actually have the money to fund your gaming. This is never a good idea, with the playing of casino games being centred around enjoyment and entertainment, rather than incurring debt. This is why all respectable online casinos allow players to set themselves spending limits, whilst they also promote responsible gambling at all times.

About Visa

Visa was first established in 1958 in the US, aiming to serve the state of California. However, having grown in popularity after partnering with a host of other states, Visa has become one of the biggest credit card company in the world, with over 1.5 billion cards being in circulation today. Online casinos were quick to support the use of Visa cards as a form of payment, helping to offer one of the most secure and efficient deposit and withdrawal options for players today.


Free Free Spins – How the Free Casino Bonus works

How do free spins work without any deposit at all? It’s easy. All you have to do is choose an offer from our list, follow our link and sign up. As a welcome bonus, you will receive free spins to play certain online slots in real money mode.

The reason why a casino gives free spins (in german Freispiele) is also easy to explain. There are hundreds of different online casinos in Germany and they all compete for new players. Free casino free spins without conditions are of course especially tempting to get us gamblers to sign up. The casino itself risks very little with this promotion. The winnings from the free spins are credited to you as bonus money, which you can usually not withdraw immediately. However, you can use it to explore the casino further until the bonus amount is either used up or you have met the wagering requirements. The operator hopes, of course, that you will then like the game offer so much that you will continue to play and perhaps also make a deposit. But this is not necessary.

As a player, there are therefore no big objections to this advertising measure. After all, you can secure free spins from the casino without having to make any commitments. You don’t risk a cent and can still play some of the best online slots for real money.

Since both sides benefit from this business, there are more than enough offers to choose from. We have made an initial preselection for you and have compiled the best offers for free casino free spins for you. You can always be sure that our selection is without exception serious and fair online casinos with a great range of games to choose from.

All you have to do is choose one of the offers, register via our link and pick up the free spins. To make sure you don’t miss a bargain, you should check back with us regularly. From here you can always find a current list of the best offers for players from Germany.

Free Spins without deposit – What are the differences?

Occasionally you will read about a bonus offer from Free Spins. You may be wondering if there is a difference between Free Spins and Free Spins. The only difference worth mentioning is that in the casino Free Spins apply only to slot machines and video slots, while Free Spins can also include table games such as Blackjack or Roulette. As a rule, the bonus offer always specifies exactly which casino games are eligible for the Free Spin Bonus.

But what are the differences between different Free Spins Casino bonus offers? Here you have to be careful, because the different bonus offers are not always suitable for all players equally well. You should therefore always read the bonus terms and conditions before accepting an offer for Casino Free Spins. There you will learn which games you can play with the Free Spins in the casino. If you don’t like the online slot, you should probably look for another casino bonus.

The bonus terms also tell you what happens to the winnings from the Free Spins. As a rule, the winnings from the free spins are credited to your account as additional bonus money. You will not be able to withdraw this bonus amount immediately, but you can use it for other real money casino games. Before you can finally withdraw the money, you must meet the wagering requirements, i.e. you must wager the amount several times on certain real money casino games.

As an example, let’s assume that you have won 10 Euros with your free spins and have to meet a wagering requirement of 20x. This means that you have to bet the amount 20 times until you have achieved a total turnover of 200 Euro (10 times 20). Once you have achieved this betting turnover, you have unlocked the bonus money and you can then freely dispose of it.

Especially with the turnover requirements there can be enormous differences between the bonus offers for Free Spins without deposit. Here also the time limit is to be considered, after which unused free spins and unused bonus money expire. Especially with a large online casino free spins bonus you should make sure that you really have enough time to play the bonus.

Of course, we always pay attention to fair and fulfiable bonus conditions when rating our casinos. If you are looking for casino free spins without a deposit for 2018, then all you need to do is visit Here you will always find current bonus offers for German online casinos.


Online Casino Bonus Paypal

Welche Spiele in Online Casinos sind im Live-Modus verfügbar

Das neue Format des Spiels “Live Casino Online” ist der gleiche geschätzte Weg zum Herzen des Casino-Spielers. Was ist ein Live Casino? Das ist der Ort, an dem Sie in die Atmosphäre eines echten Live-Casinos ohne echte physische Präsenz eintauchen können.

Live Casino – lebendige Emotionen

Es gibt auch einen Live-Croupier und echtes Geld, das auf Sie wartet. Sie machen auch Wetten, einzahlen, riskieren und rechtfertigen Ihr Risiko mit großen Gewinnen! Mit Hilfe dieser Innovation entdecken Sie die Nachahmung eines echten hochwertigen Casinos mit einem Live-Dealer. In jedem Spiel gibt der Dealer Ihnen gerne Karten, nach denen Sie Ihr Glück, Ihre Intuition und Diskretion für Stärke testen müssen.

Wie funktioniert es? Welche Spiele können uns die wahre Freude vom Spiel im Casino bringen?

Dealer Roulette. In diesem Roulette ist es am schönsten für den Spieler: Sie müssen einen unkomplizierten Prozess der Registrierung durchlaufen, Mail angeben, wählen Sie die Währung der Preise und gehen Sie zu den Live-Spielen des Frank Casino. Zum Beispiel kann ein Spieler ein gut aussehendes Mädchen treffen und anbieten zu wetten. Die Bewertung und Bildqualität sind perfekt. Sie können alles und noch ein bisschen mehr sehen: die Situation um den Händler, das Spielzimmer und Vieles mehr. Das entmutigt den stereotypisch geprägten Eindruck, dass ein Computerspiel nur innerhalb der Computergrafik liegt.
Automatisches Roulette. Automatisches Roulette hinterlässt den gleichen angenehmen Eindruck wie Live Roulette im Casino, aber alles, was hier lebhaft ist, ist die Stimme des Dealers. Er kündigt Gewinnzahlen an, lädt Angebote ein und so weiter.

Blackjack ist eine andere Form von Online Casino-Spiel. Es ist bemerkenswert, dass ein Spieler unabhängig einen Händler wählen kann, den er mag – einen soliden jungen Mann oder ein Mädchen. An derselben Stelle wird der Name des Händlers angegeben, die Größe der Mindest- und Höchstgebote. Der Dealer wird Sie einladen, Wetten zu platzieren und eine entspannte Atmosphäre zu schaffen und ein hochwertiges Spiel zu organisieren.

Casino mit Live-Dealer: es ist wichtig zu wissen!

Mit all den unbestreitbaren Vorteilen von Live Casinos gibt es auch einige Nuancen. Das übliche Casino erlaubt Ihnen, sich zuerst mit dem Spiel in einer Demoversion vertraut zu machen. Aber das Live Casino bietet keine solche Funktion. Achten Sie darauf, die E-Mail bei der Registrierung anzugeben, und wählen Sie dann die Währung aus. Hier ist es möglich, in einem Casino mit Live-Händlern auf Rubel, Dollar und Euro zu spielen. Die vollständige Liste der Währungen, die Spieler direkt bei der Registrierung sehen. Es kommt vor, dass Internetprovider nicht zögern, den Zugang zum Spiel wieder zu sperren. Ein weiteres Hindernis ist Flash Player. Aktivieren Sie diese Seite in den Browsereinstellungen für die Arbeit. Kein Zweifel, dass treue Casinospieler diese Nuancen leicht umgehen und einen Live-Dealer oft mit echtem Geld verlassen – mehr Infos dazu bei Casino mit Paypal.

Online Casino roulette

Die Vorteile

  1. Spiele mit den Profis. Ein Spiel im Live-Modus zu spielen ist keine leichte Aufgabe. Deshalb arbeitet in solchen Casinos nur ein Händler mit großer Erfahrung. In ihrer Rolle sind meist wunderschöne und kontaktfreudige Mädchen, die das Gameplay noch angenehmer machen.
  2. Eine breite Palette von der Belustigung. Im Casino finden Sie Live-Roulette, Baccara und Blackjack. Einige Einrichtungen bieten Poker an. Alle diese Spiele werden in verschiedenen Variationen präsentiert, die es leicht machen, Unterhaltung für Ihre Seele zu finden.
  3. Ehrlichkeit. Live-Casino-Spiele stehen einer Vielzahl von Fans zur Verfügung. Deshalb können viele Spieler am selben Tisch sitzen. Außerdem ist das Ergebnis des Spielens in solchen Institutionen wirklich eine Frage des Zufalls und nicht die Arbeit des RNG.

Die Nachteile

  1. Müssen spezielle Software herunterladen werden, durch die Live-Übertragung produziert wird.
  2. Es ist notwendig eine ununterbrochene Internetverbindung zu haben.
  3. Online Casinos sind manchmal nicht verfügbar. Aber das passiert mit allen Ressourcen der Spielrichtung. Um ein solches Problem zu lösen, ist einfach – gehen Sie zur Spiegel-Live-Einrichtung.

Die Perspektiven

Live Casino ist eine würdige Alternative zu Spielbanken. Deshalb haben sie sich bei den Spielern großer Beliebtheit erfreut. In der Zukunft werden solche Einrichtungen noch gefragter werden, weil nicht alle Liebhaber der Aufregung Zeit haben, all ihre Vorteile und Möglichkeiten zu schätzen.

Biology Science

Evolutionary Evidence: Muscles Thought To Be Unique To Humans Found In Apes?

The debate between creation and evolution has been around for a very long time. Evidence to support creation has, surprisingly, come from science. This evidence came from an anatomical study that showed that there was musculature that was unique to humans which suggests that humans were created unique rather than the product of evolution. All of that changed recently.

Scientists recently discovered that the musculature previously thought to be unique is actually present, either in the same form or in similar form to the human musculature. This turns the relationship on its head as the evidence that was formerly supporting creation is now on the side of evolution!

Of course, some people insist that the discovery doesn’t prove anything, that parallel creation is possible given that there are other muscles that are common between humans and apes. This does have credence given that even if you follow either creation myths or intelligent design, one can argue that similar movements and functions would require identical or, at the very least, similar musculature.

The evolution versus creation debate has been going on for so long, it is probably one of those debates that everybody has been involved in at some time (next to whether pineapples belong on pizza or not). If this discovery can put an end to that debate, the implications are huge. Practically everything we believe about religion will change if the evolution theory becomes a proven fact!

One thing to remember, however, is that science doesn’t necessarily disprove religion, just what we know about it. In fact, some of history’s greatest scientists have remained religious despite their scientific inclinations. Either way, however, this discovery will change everybody’s perception of evolution and open up further research and investigation.

Where do you stand on the creation versus evolution debate? Do you thing that this recent discovery has any bearing on the debate, or is it just incidental? We’d love to hear your thoughts on the matter! Check out our contact page and let us know!

Biology Science

Controlled Loss: Why The Fish Deaths Caused By Hippos Isn’t A Cause For Alarm

When the news hit that a river that was heavily populated by hippos was experiencing mass deaths of the fish that lived there, there was massive panic. People thought that hippos were destructive to the environment and would cause an environmental meltdown. Fortunately, scientists came to the rescue and explained that what was happening wasn’t an environmental disaster. Here are the highlights:

It’s Natural

With all the news about extinctions and mass animal deaths caused by human greed, we forget that animals dying in large numbers is nothing new: there are periodic mass deaths that happen in a regular cycle. The main difference is that these deaths are natural, usually occurring as a means to prevent over population. Think of the Christmas Island crabs. Even without humans, their migrations cause mass deaths.

It Serves A Purpose

The mass deaths of the fish don’t lead to hundreds of dead fish rotting and clogging up the river. The dead fish serve as food to the birds and other animals in the area, such as crocodiles. Life in the African plains is tough, with food and water being in high demand but low supply. The mass deaths of the fish provide food, while ensuring that the rivers aren’t depleted of oxygen due to too many fish.

It Showed Us How Little We Know

The mass fish deaths happened in a very specific river system. What made that river system unique was that it was protected before humans could affect the ecosystem of that river. This means that this is the first time we got to see the workings of an untouched river system. The fact that the deaths came as such a surprise is a clear sign of how much human presence disrupts an ecosystem.

So before you jump onto the “shoot the hippos” bandwagon, remember that while there’s a lot we don’t know about nature, what we do know is that nature has developed a way of balancing itself and maintaining that balance. Always remember that a deeper understanding is necessary before action is taken!

Biology Science

Stranger Than Fiction: The Sea Nomads Of Southeast Asia

When we think of humans adapting to an environment or ecosystem, we seem to think it’s something restricted to the realm of science fiction or comics. The only time we consider the possibility of adaptation is through artificial means. The truth is, however, naturally occurring adaptation does exist! For our first dive into reality being stranger than fiction, we’ll be talking about the Bajao of Southeast Asia.

Known as the Sea Nomads, the Bajao live practically their entire lives at sea, on boats they use to travel as they pursue their lifestyle as fishermen and divers. While this in itself isn’t unusual, the biology of the Bajao is; they can hold their breath longer than most people and their eyes aren’t affected by salt water to the degree regular people are.

What’s interesting is that these traits aren’t something that’s only present in adult nomads who’ve only been diving for most of their lives; it’s a trait that also appears in the children as well. It has been argued that evolution and adaptation no longer happen regularly and that what we mistake for adaptation is just natural selection, with stronger traits surviving.

The issue with the Bajao, however, is that the traits that have been observed aren’t something that occurs naturally in humans, and given that humans care for their young and ensure their survival, the idea of natural selection doesn’t seem relevant in this case.

Another interesting fact is that the Bajao have larger spleens than average; it’s worth noting that larger spleens are a trait that’s present aquatic and semi-aquatic creatures. This creates an observable and quantifiable link between humans and aquatic creatures; two very distinctly different species.

Are the Bajao unique, or are they just the first observed and studied case of natural adaptation? Do you think there are other adaptations that have already been occurring around the world, and we just haven’t found them yet? What adaptations do you think exist in the world? Let us know!

Biology Science

Evolutionary Evidence: Muscles Thought To Be Unique To Humans Found In Apes?

The debate between creation and evolution has been around for a very long time. Evidence to support creation has, surprisingly, come from science. This evidence came from an anatomical study that showed that there was musculature that was unique to humans which suggests that humans were created unique rather than the product of evolution. All […]

Biology Science

Controlled Loss: Why The Fish Deaths Caused By Hippos Isn’t A Cause For Alarm

When the news hit that a river that was heavily populated by hippos was experiencing mass deaths of the fish that lived there, there was massive panic. People thought that hippos were destructive to the environment and would cause an environmental meltdown. Fortunately, scientists came to the rescue and explained that what was happening wasn’t […]

Biology Science

Stranger Than Fiction: The Sea Nomads Of Southeast Asia

When we think of humans adapting to an environment or ecosystem, we seem to think it’s something restricted to the realm of science fiction or comics. The only time we consider the possibility of adaptation is through artificial means. The truth is, however, naturally occurring adaptation does exist! For our first dive into reality being […]