About Us

Hi there and welcome to BBMRI! You may be wondering what we mean with our tagline “Better Biology Makes Reality Interesting”. Kind of unusual right? It’s actually rather simple! By “better biology”, we’re focusing on three things: understanding, information, and personal


With a better understanding of biology, we want to help people see how amazing our world is, from the balancing act that is an ecosystem, to the amazing ways all living things can adapt to the shifting realities we have to face due to technology, climate change, and everyday exposure to the environment


A lot of people seem to think that studies in biology have stagnated, while the other sciences like electronics and the like are still moving forward. We want to change that by showing people that we’re learning new things in the field of biology all the time, and that what we learn has impact on the future.


We’re learning more and more about life each day, and as living humans, we’re part of that! Given how wibbley wobbley the human body is, a lot of us are afraid to ask about certain things, either worried there might be something wrong with us, or refusing to believe that there may be a problem. We want to share information to help put your minds at ease; or give you that little push to go see an expert!