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Evolutionary Evidence: Muscles Thought To Be Unique To Humans Found In Apes?

The debate between creation and evolution has been around for a very long time. Evidence to support creation has, surprisingly, come from science. This evidence came from an anatomical study that showed that there was musculature that was unique to humans which suggests that humans were created unique rather than the product of evolution. All of that changed recently.

Scientists recently discovered that the musculature previously thought to be unique is actually present, either in the same form or in similar form to the human musculature. This turns the relationship on its head as the evidence that was formerly supporting creation is now on the side of evolution!

Of course, some people insist that the discovery doesn’t prove anything, that parallel creation is possible given that there are other muscles that are common between humans and apes. This does have credence given that even if you follow either creation myths or intelligent design, one can argue that similar movements and functions would require identical or, at the very least, similar musculature.

The evolution versus creation debate has been going on for so long, it is probably one of those debates that everybody has been involved in at some time (next to whether pineapples belong on pizza or not). If this discovery can put an end to that debate, the implications are huge. Practically everything we believe about religion will change if the evolution theory becomes a proven fact!

One thing to remember, however, is that science doesn’t necessarily disprove religion, just what we know about it. In fact, some of history’s greatest scientists have remained religious despite their scientific inclinations. Either way, however, this discovery will change everybody’s perception of evolution and open up further research and investigation.

Where do you stand on the creation versus evolution debate? Do you thing that this recent discovery has any bearing on the debate, or is it just incidental? We’d love to hear your thoughts on the matter! Check out our contact page and let us know!